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Cassandra Rose Clarke’s The Assassin’s Curse & The Pirate’s Wish

The Assassin's Curse - Cassandra Rose Clarke The Pirate's Wish - Cassandra Rose Clarke

AC Synopsis

Ananna of the Tanarau abandons ship when her parents try to marry her off to another pirate clan. But that only prompts the scorned clan to send an assassin after her. When Ananna faces him down one night, armed with magic she doesn’t really know how to use, she accidentally activates a curse binding them together. 

To break the spell, Ananna and the assassin must complete three impossible tasks—all while grappling with evil wizards, floating islands, haughty manticores, runaway nobility, strange magic…and the growing romantic tension between them


PW Synopsis

After setting out to break the curse that binds them together, the pirate Ananna and the assassin Naji find themselves stranded on an enchanted island in the north with nothing but a sword, their wits, and the secret to breaking the curse: complete three impossible tasks. With the help of their friend Marjani and a rather unusual ally, Ananna and Naji make their way south again, seeking what seems to be beyond their reach.

Unfortunately, Naji has enemies from the shadowy world known as the Mists, and Ananna must still face the repercussions of going up against the Pirate Confederation. Together, Naji and Ananna must break the curse, escape their enemies — and come to terms with their growing romantic attraction.



In my opinion, both books were great, but it was the first book in this duology that I enjoyed the most. Ananna takes crap from no one, not even from the very assassin who was sent to kill her. True to her pirate upbringing she longs for the open seas, takes risks that might as well get her killed, and has as much class as the Queen of England. I’m totally joking.


I especially liked that this was not an instant romance,  and even when Ananna realizes she has a crush, it's at the very end of the first book, and she immediately thinks to herself, “Oh, crap.”



The humor is good, and the character development is definitely not lacking. The only problem I had with these two books is that her accent sounds more southern drawl than what I am assuming is supposed to be a pirate accent. It’s not a huge problem, but considering the two books are told in Ananna’s point of view, the accent can be a little bit distracting.


In conclusion: these two books are overall good reads | 4/5 stars

and duology is apparently not a word. huh.